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Folgendes kommt von einer Spielseite (die ebenfalls mit der hier beschriebenen Technik erstellt wurde) und wartet auf Übersetzung =;)

What's this about ?[Bearbeiten]

OpenShift is a free, cloud-based application platform for Java, Perl, PHP (5.3), Python, and Ruby applications including various database adapters including MySQL (5.1).

Open ?[Bearbeiten]

From When will OpenShift Open Source?

We are planning to open source but we don't have a timeframe just yet. Part of the code came from an acquisition and we need to work through some legal processes and create a development environment in order to engage the community.

Go Joomla![Bearbeiten]

The following is taken from the "readme" of the OpenShift Joomla! example repo on GitHub.

(you can call your application whatever you want).

rhc-create-app -a joomla -t php-5.3
  • Add MySQL support:
rhc-ctl-app -a joomla -e add-mysql-5.1
  • Add this upstream Joomla repo:
cd joomla
git remote add upstream -m master git://
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master

Note that the git pull above can be used later to pull updates to Joomla

  • Push the repo upstream:
git push

That's it.

Joomla! is installed and running.

  • Finally switch to your web browser and checkout your application at:
    • http://joomla-<your_domain>
  • The default admin account is:
    • admin/4dm1n.
  • Change the password NOW !!
  • And have a lot of Fun =;)