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EasyCodeEye provides an interface to several PEAR packages that will have an eye on your code...

Check your PATHs[Bearbeiten]

PEAR itself and its packages have to be both in your PHP include_path and in your system PATH.

Please check the documentation of your OS to achive this..

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PHP include_path[Bearbeiten]

System include path[Bearbeiten]

Hinweis.png After changing your PATH variables and the PHP include_path don't forget to restart your server AND your session !

24px-Tip.png To check that everything is set up like it should be try

$ echo $PATH
# echo $PATH


$ php -v
# php -v

in a normal AND a root shell - This should give you the path to your PHP binaries and the PHP version..


PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components.

Windows installation[Bearbeiten]

The standard xampp installation for windows seems to come without PEAR. So you have to manually install PEAR:

Go to the ugly windows command line (execute -> cmd) - a 'black' window opens =;)

We assume your xampp installation on drive C in the standard folder Folder blue.png xampp.

Move to Folder blue.png C:\xampp\php by

cd xampp\php



choose to install a 'local' copy

For all the other stuff that will come up can accept the default values. Pay a little attention to the paths mentioned, and how to modify your php.ini and your PATH.

PEAR should now be installed.

Time to install the Packages

Done ?

NOTE : I am NOT a windoows user so - please verify the information and, pleaseplease, correct any errors - thx =;)

Linux installation[Bearbeiten]

  • Install PEAR (if not already installed)

Refer to the documentation of your distribution if you have any problems.

Do you need any additional information ? really ? ...See also

Time to install the Packages

Mac installation[Bearbeiten]


See also[Bearbeiten]


EasyCreator provides an interface to PEAR::CodeSniffer. This enables you to verify the formatting of your code against some predefined standards like PEAR or Zend. You can also define your own coding standards for your project.


pear install PHP_CodeSniffer

See also[Bearbeiten]

Copy/Paste Detector[Bearbeiten]

Finds duplicated code.


Add the channels and Install

pear channel-discover
pear channel-discover
pear install phpunit/phpcpd

See also[Bearbeiten]


Documents your code.


pear install --alldeps PhpDocumentor

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For executing unit tests and creating skeletons.


Add the channel and Install

pear channel-discover
pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

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EasyCodeEye Charts


This is ment to gather some statistics about your project, like number of files, code lines and sizes.

They are represented by pie charts (for now) using the javascript chart library from highcharts

Project reflection[Bearbeiten]

Draws a picture of your extension.

Still under development..